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Mar 4, 2017


Lorrayne Berthold


I would like to give a testimonial to the success of my using your Neem Pellets around my cherry guava, today I picked my first edible crop! So thrilled after years of trying other fruit fly traps nothing worked like neem! Thank you for the fantastic job you are doing, my gratitude. Lorrayne


April 4, 2001

The Hon Harry Woods MP

MEDIA RELEASE – Bogongs be Gone

The mid-North Coast company that caught the famous bogong moths at the Olympics is now set to capture overseas export markets with their innovative ‘Bug Eater’.

Mr Wood praised the efforts of No Bugs proprietors Ray Webber and Jenni Timbs.

“The Bogongs threatened to outshine even Cathy Freeman as the stars of the track, but No Bugs revolutionary Bug Eater saved the day.

“The product offers a clean and green alternative to traditional bug zappers and pesticides,” Mr Woods said.



Dec 24, 2004

Dr LAI Tat Shing

Technical Director

ProNat Company Limited

Thank you for your provision on Bug Eater Insect Traps used in Nurseries, Kindergartens, Schools and Food Factories for insect control in Hong Kong. Bug Eaters in general provide an insecticide free and effective way to get rid of a wide range of insects. In particular, one of findings is the effectiveness of Bug Eater to control the number of mosquitoes by catching male mosquitoes and this leads to a direct mechanism to break the breeding cycles of mosquitoes.