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"How does it work?"
By a UV black light attracting the insect, which is then pushed down by a fan in the unit into the water tray to which detergent has been added.

"Where do you put it?"
The Bug Eater works by line-of-sight, so if the bugs can see it, they will be attracted to it. Put it where it gives maximum exposure to the area you want to clear. Don't make them work too hard to get to it. Waist height is ideal. If you can, point it at the likely breeding source. Try to locate it where it will not be in competition with other light sources. It will work best where it is the only light the bugs can see. It is best outside.

"How long do you leave it on?"
On at Dusk and off at Dawn. It works best when there is no competitive light; it attracts while you are in bed and all the lights are out, trapping the male insects that are the flyers and stops the female breeding.

"What is the detergent for?"
We recommend just a few drops of a detergent that has no scent. Mixed with the water, it breaks the surface tension or viscosity of the water, which means that when the insect hits the down draft and is forced into the water, it does not stay on the top - it just sinks straight through the surface and drowns.

"What is the best tube to use black (BLB) or white (BL)?"
They are both "black" lights. The white one gives off more human-visible light. It doesn't really make that much difference. Some studies suggest that the black light works better for sandflies. They are especially calibrated to attract a range of insects from blood suckers to moths. It is most important that it is this special tube. If it’s just a bright, non-UV light, it will get a few moths and beetles but will not fix the insects that bite or breed in the garden. We back our lights to be the best there is. This product is the original and its proven effectiveness has stood the test of time.

"What is the guarantee?"
We provide a full guarantee that it will work and in line with the consumer laws, we will refund or replace the unit.

"What is the warranty?"
24 months, back-to- base. We will replace or repair the unit; you return it to base as per instructions and we will repair or replace.

"Does it hurt the environment?"
No, we see that wherever a Bug Eater is used, it just takes out the build-up of insects that are breeding due to human presence. It is the presence of humans that makes for ideal conditions around the house or the business, where insects breed in the infrastructure, like pipes, drains, gardens and watered areas. We do not believe Bug Eaters should be used anywhere near natural breeding grounds and open spaces.

"What do you do to empty it?"
Usually every couple of days but if it fills up quicker, or slower, let that be your guide. The mozzies tend to sink to the bottom of the tray. The catch can be fed to their natural predators, the birds, or an alternative is to put the bugs in the compost or the garden as it helps to increase worms and soil structure around trees and the garden. We advise to change the water every 2 or 3 days. If you do not, the water will start to smell, and while this may be good for attracting and drowning flies (and if you can tolerate the smell), you will not be attracting the biting insects you wish to eliminate.

"Can it put outside in the weather?"
Yes. The Bug Eater is designed to be put outdoors. Make sure it can't be knocked over by pets, animals or children by using the mounting bracket that comes with it. No problem inside, but it is very rare there is a breeding cycle indoors.